How To Order University of Phoenix Transcripts

Whether you are transferring to the University of Phoenix or from the University of Phoenix to another school, you will have to deal with transcripts. Transcripts are official records of all college credits you have earned through a particular school. When you transfer credits from one school to another, the school must send the transcript directly. The transcript will not be accepted if you attempt to hand deliver it. The reasoning is simple. Schools are aware that some students will attempt to unseal the transcript and change them to either give themselves better grades or to include more classes than they actually completed. Because of this possibility, colleges and universities will only accept a transcript record directly from another school.

Another thing you need to be aware of is you might be charged a fee for the transcript, so don’t be surprised if there is a charge for the transcript service. Some schools don’t charge anything at all while others charge a modest fee. The average transcript fee is $5, although other schools see it as a money racket and charge more.

The following is a brief primer on what you will need to do to transfer your college credits.

From Another School to the University of Phoenix

Most colleges and universities now let you order an official college transcript online. To do so, simply go to your school’s website and do a search for “transcripts.” This should take you to the transcript order form. You simply fill out your information, including the name and address of the school you want it sent to, pay the fee (if required), and hit submit. Some states have enacted laws that require a signature to release your transcript information. Schools in those states usually have forms that you can print off, sign, and fax to them. You should not have to go to the school in person to order a transcript, although you can certainly do this in person if you prefer.

From The University of Phoenix to Another School

If you need to order a transcript from the University of Phoenix to have sent to another school, you can do this online. The first step is to go to their transcript order page:

You can also order an official transcript by phone at 800-866-3919.

The University of Phoenix offers one complimentary transcript after the completion of each course. Additional transcripts are $7 each. In addition, they advise students to give them six weeks to process the transcript request, so it’s best to order the transcript as far ahead as possible.

When Ordering A Transcript, You Will Need To Provide The Following Information:

Student Name
IRN or Last 4 digits of Social Security Number
Address where transcript will be mailed
The number of transcripts requested
Daytime telephone number

A hold will be put on your student account if you still owe the school money. This means that they will not process a transcript request until your account is paid in full.

The University of Phoenix requires the submission of a form with your signature on it to complete the transcript request. When you contact the school to initiate the official transcript request, you will be provided with a fax number to fax the form to.

  1. A slight correction is that University of Phoenix does not offer a free transcript after completion of each course, nor after graduation. The diploma is provided free upon graduation, but all transcript requests cost $7 (cash payments not accepted).

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