What Is The University of Phoenix Federal School Code?

The federal school code is a special code that is assigned to each college or university in the United States that participates in federal loans and grants.  You’ll need to know your school’s federal school code when applying for financial aid.  When you submit your FAFSA form (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) you are required to put your school’s federal code on the application.  This is necessary so that the federal government will know which school to send funds to, should you qualify for them.

The University of Phoenix is one of the largest universities in the United States, based on student population.  It has nearly 500,000 students that attend classes in person at one of the school’s many campuses located all across the nation as well as online.  Regardless of whether you are taking classes at one of the school’s many campuses or in person, the school has only one federal school code.

The University of Phoenix school code is:  014593

When filling out your FAFSA, be sure to fill it out completely and accurately.  An incomplete FAFSA application may be returned to you for more information.  And if your semester starts soon, an incomplete FAFSA may mean you don’t end up getting the money you need in time to start classes.

University of Phoenix Address

You will need to know the address of your University of Phoenix campus location when filling out the FAFSA.  You should be able to call your local campus for this information.  Another easy way to get this information is to look it up on Google Maps.  You can do a search for your campus location in Google Maps and it will give you an address.  For example, if you live in Atlanta, just do a Google search for “University of Phoenix, Atlanta” to find the information.

Both the University of Phoenix Federal School Code and the University of Phoenix address are important pieces of information you’ll need for your FAFSA.  Don’t neglect to include this information on the form or you could lose out on money you would have otherwise received.