What Is The Deal With Rochville University?

Is it really possible to earn a legitimate college degree based on nothing more than previous life experience?  That is the question many people ask when they first encounter Rochville University’s website.  The claims that are made on this “school’s” website seem almost too good to be true.  After all, Rochville University offers online degrees from the associate’s degree level all the way through the doctorate based on nothing more than an evaluation of experience and credentials you already possess.  And not only that but Rochville states that it is accredited too…wow!

Are Rochville University‘s claims for real?  Is it really as simple as paying a fee and having a degree in your hands in just a few day’s time?  And if so, can you use a Rochville degree to obtain a job or promotion?  To answer these questions it’s necessary to take a look at Rochville University, its accreditation, and how life experience degrees are viewed in the United States.

First of all, let’s take a look at the concept of the “life experience” degree.  Are such degree programs legitimate?  The answer is simple… they aren’t considered legitimate at all.  There are no legitimate colleges or universities in the United States that will award college credit or even a college degree for nothing more than “life experience.”  Although there are some legitimate ways to shorten your path to an accredited degree, such as taking CLEP exams, “life experience” degrees are not considered to be valid by employers, accrediting agencies, and the federal government.

Rochville University Location

All legitimate colleges and universities have either a campus or an office, right?  Then where is the Rochville University location?  Tracking down an address is not easy.  Although the “school’s” website appears to be operated out of Florida, its degrees and transcripts are mailed from the United Arab Emirates.  The absence of a mailing address on its website is a huge red flag.

Rochville University Accreditation

Above all else, the one thing that makes a college or university legit is its accreditation.  In the United States the gold standard of collegiate accreditation is known as “regional accreditation.”

Rochville University claims to hold “international “accreditation from two organizations.  These include the Board of Online Universities Accreditation (BOUA) and the Universal Council for Online Education Accreditation (UCOEA).  Unfortunately, neither of these organizations is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education.  If you live in the United States, you should consider Rochville University to be unaccredited, because this is how all potential employers will regard it.  The Rochville University accreditation, or lack thereof, is another huge red flag.

Rochville University Ranking

If a college is legitimate and respected, it should be easy to look it up on one of the collegiate rankings lists, right?  If you do try to find it on any of these rankings lists, however, it won’t be there.  The Rochville University ranking is curiously absent.  This is another red flag.

Can I Use A Rochville Degree To Get A Job?

In many states it is against the law to use an unaccredited degree for employment purposes.  The states that currently have such laws include Oregon, Michigan, Maine, North Dakota, New Jersey, Washington, Nevada, Illinois, Indiana, and Texas.  Several other states are considering similar legislation.  The Oregon Office of Degree Authorization has gone so far as to list Rochville University as a “fake.”

Many people have tried to use Rochville degrees to get a job or a promotion.  In the short-term many have been successful in passing off a Rochville degree as the real thing.  However, many of these same people have ended up losing their jobs when it was discovered they “bought” an unaccredited life experience degree and tried to pass it off as one that was legitimately earned.

If you live in the United States and you are interested in earning a properly accredited college degree online, make sure the college or university you are checking into has “regional accreditation.”  Thankfully, there are now many highly respected schools that have online degree programs.  You shouldn’t have any problem finding one to meet your needs.

  1. colleges and universities would go out of business if they recognized experience. Even though from my own experience having hired educated people with degrees in my profession for 30 years, I find them horribly lacking.
    I end up doing the teaching and losing money while I do it.
    They can use a computer but because they were taught by people who “can’t do so they teach” they have been taught by inferior colleagues if you want to stretch it. I will take an experienced person over an accredited college grad in a heartbeat. We have to make money with these people “PLEASE TEACH THEM THAT” ethics in real business are right on the grey line teach them that. That might sound bad but if you can’t compete by stradiling the line you will be out of business quickly. Anyone saying different is ignorant.