Is There A Walden University Scam?

Are you thinking about earning a college degree online, either to launch a new career or advance in your current profession?  It makes sense for many working adults to earn their degrees this way since most adults don’t have the luxury of quitting their jobs and going back to school full-time like young twenty-somethings can do.  Online degrees are now very common and highly regarded and most state colleges and universities now offer them.  If you have spent any time searching online for the perfect online degree program, you may have encountered Walden University.  Since Walden University is a school that does not have a physical campus, you might have wondered whether the school is a scam.  To answer this question it’s necessary to take a look at the school’s history, its structure, and its accreditation.

A Brief Look At Walden’s History

Walden University was established in 1970 in Naples, Florida, when two teachers got together to create a new type of school that would improve access to doctoral degrees.  The first doctoral programs offered were targeted towards school administrators.  The school moved to Minnesota in 1979 and is still headquartered in the state.  Walden University has been a pioneer in online education and was the first to offer a master’s degree in education that was entirely online.  Today, Walden University offers a wide variety of online degree programs at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree level.

How Is Walden University Structured?

Walden University is structured as a for-profit university.  In simple terms, this means the school is structured to create a profit for its owners.  Most colleges and universities in the United States are structured as non-profit entities, so Walden University is a little different in this regard.  Being a for-profit isn’t necessarily a bad thing though.  It just means the school is structured a little differently than the norm.

Is Walden University Accredited?

The type of accreditation that is considered a must for colleges and universities in the United States is known as regional accreditation.  Instead of there being one large centralized agency that oversees schools, the job has been broken down into six different agencies that are each responsible for making sure schools in their regions meet appropriate standards.  The University of Florida, Harvard, and Stanford, for example, each hold regional accreditation.  Walden University also holds regional accreditation, so it’s got the right stuff in the accreditation department.

So, Walden Really Isn’t A Scam, Right?

Walden University is definitely not a scam.  Even though the school does not have a physical campus where college classes are taught in person, the school is properly accredited and offers programs of study that are rigorous and well-designed.  Many Walden University alumni have even been hired to teach in colleges and universities across the nation.  This is a testament to the quality of the school and its programs.

  1. Walden University scammed me. Had me believing that financial aid through fafsa would take care of cost just like it did with the college I was attending before switching to Walden. However after they got me registered and started then over half way through the quarter/semester they say that My account is on hold because of my outstanding balance. witch is over $1000 dollars. They said that I was supposed to accept their loans program things for the tuition’s etc etc.. & so that I owe that now. I withdrew from them immediately and would not recommend that school to anyone unless you feel like getting screwed over.

  2. I am actually attending Walden now and I am nothing but pleased! I am in my last few months and I am even considering them for grad school. If you know anything about college and federal aid, you will know that the government does not allow money for schools that are not accredited. The classes are reasonable and the faculty is great! I would (have) recommended Walden to others who are also pleased!

  3. You are full of shit! Walden university is not accredited in terms of sitting and being able to become a licensed psychologist, but yet and still, the students pay thousands of dollars for a degree that is deemed worthless! Everyone need to go on strike just like other student who attended for profit colleges and refuse to pay your student loans!

  4. I’m a Walden student finishing up my M.S. In Mental Health Counseling. The University is accredited and many employers know about it. It’s very popular. My experience with them has been great. Loans and grants are standard, like all Universities. They are definitely a legit University. I am currently employed under a licensed Psychologist.

  5. This University is a joke on par with Trump University. I visit the website and they have a contact number, cost, etc on the page. The cheapness and scam-level is incredible for a post secondary institution. Do yourself a favor an do not pump money into this fraud. If you want to go to school go to a physical campus or state/national university and apply yourself.