Does A Jones International University Scam Exist?

Jones International University is not a school that is well known.  As such, some may be skeptical to enroll in one of their degree programs.  The question of whether the school is a degree mill or diploma mill is one that occasionally comes up.  In addition, whether or not a college degree issued by the school can be used to obtain employment, a promotion, or to go on to graduate school is also a concern to many.  To answer these concerns and questions, it’s necessary to take a look at the school’s history, structure, and accreditation.

What Is This School’s Background?

Jones International University (JIU) was established in 1993 as an online for-profit university.  As a for-profit school, it exists to make a profit for its owners.  All programs of study offered are online; there is no face-to-face instruction offered.  In fact, there is no campus where classes are held.  There is only an administration office in Centennial, Colorado.

JIU offers approximately 60 online degree programs in business and education.  Programs of study are available from the certificate level all the way to the doctorate.  The school’s web site is very basic and really doesn’t look any different from many of the diploma mills that are out there.  So, is it legit?

Jones International University is definitely legit.  In fact, the school is a higher education pioneer.  Today, we take online learning for granted since there are so many schools that offer online degree programs.  Jones International University was the first accredited school to offer college degrees entirely online.  JIU set the standard in online learning that other schools followed.

Jones International University holds regional accreditation from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.  This is one of the six regional accrediting agencies in the United States.  Regional accreditation is the gold standard of collegiate accreditation in the United States and a school only needs accreditation from one of the six agencies.  Harvard, Yale, and Dartmouth, for example, only have regional accreditation from one of the six agencies each.  As far a collegiate accreditation goes, JIU holds the same accreditation as each of the Ivy League schools.

A Legitimate University With Proper Accreditation

So, is there a Jones international University scam?  The answer is clearly “no.”  JIU is a properly accredited university that offers many degree programs that can be completed entirely online.  The school is an educational pioneer with a brief but impressive history.

  1. I am currently a student at JIU. I am enrolled at JIU because I work full time and needed classes that were offered online. I am enrolled in the Elementary Education program. I have found that JIU has higher standards for their students than many of the local colleges.

    For example: As a JIU student, I am required to complete 200 hours of volunteer time at a local elementary school. The time has to be documented by the local school. I will also have to complete 600 hours (16 weeks) of student teaching. I have to pass my PRAXIS II exam prior to student teaching. Many of the local “traditional” schools do not require the same amount hands on experience as JIU. One of the respected and traditional schools in North Carolina allowed students to fullfill their student teaching requirement with only 10 weeks of student teaching and prior to passing the required state PRAXIS exam. They were not required to volunteer any time at the local school.

    JIU goes to the extreme to protect their regional accreditation status. Anyone graduating from JIU from Elementary Education program will be qualified to teach in North Carolina. They will have first hand experience prior to entering a classroom.

  2. I am currently a student at JIU and I researched the school thoroughly after being scammed by another online university that is no longer in business. It was rough at first, unfortunately I worked with an admission advisor that did not really care, he was never in the office, he enrolled me into the wrong program, and my financial aid was falling short of what I needed to continue classes. Therefore, I ended up having to pay for a few terms. After all of that, I finally have an advisor that does her job, and professors that actually take notice of your work. I am still cautious when it comes to any online college, and I worry about the cost of the program, and how much I will eventually have to pay back after completion. However, I am enjoying classes, and as a teacher myself, feel that the program could benefit from some online lecture videos especially when attempting to teach the sciences such as physics. Nevertheless, I am learning a lot, and like the school. With that said, with any operation there will be ups and downs, but JIU is changing, and I can see the improvements that they are trying to make.

  3. Well Dar Harmon I was scammed through Jones International University.

    To potential students out there take heed and find a reputable online school. I attended Jones for a short period of time and the advisors do not do their job. When taking a class that I paid over $2,000.00 for the only feed back that was received was two student arguement over who was going to do a chapter problem. The instructor allowed this to continue. The instructors do not give any feedback when you submit your assignments. I was better off buying a book about what I wanted to learn and teach myself. This is not a reputable school at all.

    Oh and the advisors do not contact you after you enroll.

    • I agree with you entirely. There is close to no feedback from (so-called) professors except for the “great job” comments or an obligatory feedback about incorrect apa styling (for which they are usually wrong). I lodged a formal complaint about one “professor” with no outcome or follow up. I have yet to encounter someone who did not receive an A or B for their coursework (and being the coursework is online, we can see others’ work, and a lot of it is crap.) This school is all about money. If you have it, they will gladly take it. If you want a degree that has no intrinsic meaning, go here. My suggestion to potential students would be this: if you want an online program, find one at a school in your locale so that you have the opportunity to meet with your professors, if needed. Jones is crap.

  4. For anyone considering enrolling at JIU, take my advice and RUN!! This school is a joke. If I was not already invested over my head with this school I would go elsewhere (transferring credits is impossible although the school is accredited). From the beginning I have taken several classes, no matter the course description, they are all the same (writing, writing, writing even in math classes). Professors give little to no feedback, I have a 4.0 which I believe a 3rd grader could accomplish here. I believe in myself and in my opinion provide quality work, however, I am no genius and require some constructive feedback in order to grow, none is given. This school just wants your money. Student services are pathetic! Since enrollment I have been through at least 20 different counselors which provide no help. In addition, the financial aid department is incompetent of any and all things remotely related to financial aid. Be careful or they will take your money, which you have to pay back. Every month I have to call into each department (student counselors and financial aid) in order to not be placed into a class I have already taken or to make sure I receive the proper stipend on my financial aid. If you actually want to learn and be educated RUN RUN RUN from JIU, you will thank me!!!

  5. I am currently as student at JIU, I will be graduating in September of 2014. I have a Student Advisor that is amazing, I originally had one and he needed a new job, I am not big on change so I was nervous. I love Steve he calls at least once a week, if not 2 times. I have had some ridiculous teachers, but for the most part my professors have been great with working with me as an individual. I have had some personal problems as we all do, and they worked with me to make sure I made it through the 8 weeks. I am not a great test taking person, so this class works out great, there are no test, just papers that are required to be turned in with class participation by Wednesday and a project that is due each Saturday that is what you work on each 8 weeks for a main goal. Because this school does hold the same recognition as Harvard and Yale, the price is expensive, but over-all this is the only was I could obtain a degree was on-line. I do get bored and lose motivation, but I also don’t waste gas time or energy trying to make it to and from classes, and I don’t have to get dressed I can wear lazy clothes, no interactions which is great when I’m having a bad day. The work don’t take that long to get finished, and for a fast paced course, it is easy because the teachers give critical information to help you forward yourself. The only problem is the Financial Aid Department, they are really nice, but should all be contained in a locked Barrel of Rocks, I have had so many problems.

  6. This school is an an absolute scam in every sense of the word. I attended Jones since 2010 and I can count the number of times my advisor has called me and spoken to me on one hand. Minus my thumb. Some work I turned in was nowhere near the quality I thought it should be and I was ready to accept a low grade for it because of time or because of other circumstances, but I got an A on many of my papers. In fact… I got an A on all of my papers. I could show you my transcripts. I would see work of other students and I would be shocked at the level of it and when they would brag about their good grades as well, I was stunned. That should have been my first warning sign. The fact now that they are at risk to losing their accreditation and that the only person who has contacted me about re-enrolling is in financial aid? No more. I’m done with this school. I’ve over $25k in debt and I have NOTHING to show for it. Shame on you, JIU. Shame on you.

  7. Please read the information on this web site and it says it all. Fort Jones University is a fake just like the two dozen other universities belonging to the same man from Pakistan who makes a living from people who believe in his scams. Sorry for those who have fallen in his trap but I would want to know if I was paying good money to an academic institution that was a total fake.