Is Liberty University Properly Accredited?

There are many different colleges and universities that now offer college degree programs that can be completed entirely online.  Most state colleges and universities now offer them and even some prestigious universities like Stanford and Duke and have gotten in on the online learning game.  Liberty University is another school that offers a wide variety of online degree programs.  In fact, Liberty University is one of the largest online schools in the nation by student enrollment.  The school has over 13,000 students taking classes on its campus and more than 50,000 students working on college degrees online.

Liberty University is well known for offering online college degrees, but is the school legit?  Is Liberty University Accredited?  Is Liberty University a scam?  To answer these questions it’s necessary to take a look at the school’s history, its structure, and its accreditation.

Liberty University’s History

Liberty University was founded in 1971 in the picturesque town of Lynchburg, Virginia, by Reverend Jerry Falwell.  It was originally named Lynchburg Baptist College.  In 1976 the name was changed to Liberty Baptist College and in 1984 the name was changed again to Liberty University.  The school has expanded exponentially since its humble beginnings and now offers programs of study from the undergraduate to the doctoral level in a variety of subjects.  The university even has a law school which offers the JD degree on campus.

Liberty University’s Structure

Most colleges and universities in the United States are structured as non-profit entities.  There are a few exceptions, however, such as The University of Phoenix, Strayer University, Kaplan University, and a few others.  These schools are for-profit universities and exist to generate a profit for their owners.  Liberty University is structured like most state colleges and universities.  In other words, it is a non-profit entity.  Any revenues generated from tuition are pumped back into the school to take care of operating expenses, new programs, building expansions, and other things.

Liberty University’s Accreditation

The highest level of accreditation a college or university can achieve in the United States is known as regional accreditation.  Such schools as Duke, Stanford, and Harvard all have regional accreditation.  Liberty University also holds regional accreditation, so it is properly accredited.  You can use your Liberty University degree to go on to grad school at another school, gain employment, or obtain a promotion in your current career.

So, Is Liberty University Accredited?

Liberty University is definitely properly accredited.  Is Liberty University a scam?  Definitely not.   The school is highly respected and its programs of study are challenging and rigorous.  A degree from the school can take you far in life and is something you can be very proud of.