Is DeVry University Accredited?

Is DeVry Accredited?  It’s a legitimate question that many people ask after seeing an advertisement for the school and they start thinking about taking a few classes or even earning a college degree to either get that much needed promotion or to train for a new career.  It’s a very important question too.  If someone takes classes or earns a degree through an unaccredited school, he or she runs the risk of not being able to use the degree for employment purposes or not being able to transfer college credits earned to another school.  Considering just how important accreditation is, is DeVry accredited?

A Little History

DeVry University was created in 1931 and was originally known as the DeForest Training School.  The school eventually changed names a couple of times and is now known as DeVry.  DeVry University has over 90 campus locations in the United States and Canada and also offers many degree programs online.  DeVry is structured as a for-profit university and is traded on the stock market under the stock symbol “DV.”

What Does It Mean To Be Accredited?

In the United States, when we say a school is accredited, this usually refers to it having “regional accreditation.”  This is because there isn’t one large, centralized accrediting agency that is in charge of overseeing all of the colleges and universities in the nation.  The task was simply too large for one organization so it was broken down into six different regions, each with its own accrediting agency.  Each of these regional accrediting agencies is considered to be equivalent to the others and a school only needs to earn accreditation from just one of the six.  Pretty much every major college or university you can think of in the United States probably has regional accreditation.  For example, Purdue, Notre Dame, The Citadel, and all of the Ivy League schools each hold regional accreditation.

How Does DeVry Stack Up?

That’s great, but is DeVry University accredited?  The answer is yes, DeVry University is accredited.  The school is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, which is one of the six regional accrediting agencies.  The following is a brief list of the six regional accreditation agencies:

Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools
New England Association of Schools and Colleges
North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
Northwest Association of Accredited Schools
Western Association of Schools and Colleges
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools

Specialized Accreditation

There is a second type of accreditation you should be aware of that’s known as specialized or program accreditation.  This is when an organization that specializes in a particular field of study accredits a degree program or school within a university.  For example, the American Medical Association accredits medical schools and the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET) accredits engineering programs.  The only specialized accreditation the DeVry holds is ABET accreditation.  It should also be stated that this accreditation is awarded based on campus location, so not all of DeVry’s technology programs are covered.

Regional Accreditation – Check, Specialized Accreditation – A Little Thin

In sum, to answer the question of “Is DeVry accredited,” the answer is yes.  The school holds regional accreditation but is very thin on specialized accreditation.  This may or may not matter to your employer so its best to check before enrolling in any DeVry degree program.

  1. Thanks for the info.I am in my last year at Devry and was wondering if I made a mistate by attending Devry.I have attend other colleges and the class at Devry have been just as hard if not hard to pass than other college that i have attended.

  2. I graduated from devry back in 2003 and have been denied for teacher accreditation classes by a new university because back then devry was worthless, and probably still is.

  3. NOT accredited, those “accredidations” claim they did not accredit devry, and that must mean this was posted by devry influence. they WILL scam you. you will NOT get employement after graduating, and you will owe THEM, AND your loan companies the money you took out. that means they get paid twice and you end up paying double plus interest to go there.

  4. The web site for North Central Association of Colleges and Schools says that DeVry is accredited. Look it up for yourself.

    I graduated from DeVry Columbus OH’s BSCIS program in 1986 on a Friday, started work the following Monday and was never out of work in 22 years until I voluntarily resigned due to family medical demands. I was well prepared for employment, as were the friends I graduated with, and we had no problems competing with graduates from “real” colleges like OSU, OU, Penn State, Kent, etc. I’m not saying it was an MIT or anything of that caliber, but as far as your garden variety colleges and tech schools go, DeVry graduates were at least as good, usually better. I have no idea if that is still the case because technology changes so much in 25 years, but at the time, DeVry was doing a very good job in my opinion.

    Someone asked me about the accreditation recently which lead to my Googling this evening. I had never questioned it because the subject never arose based on job performance. It’s a shame to see that some institutions do question it but the system is what it is. At least walk into the interview prepared to discuss the accreditations that it does and does not have compared with other schools.

  5. No online school has a reputation to match even the lowest ranked brick and mortar schools…Few serious employers will consider online degrees as equivalent. Save your money and go to a state school.