Is DeVry University A Good School? Do Employers Respect It?

DeVry University is one of those schools that nearly everyone has heard of.  It’s easy to see why since the school advertises heavily with television commercials and print advertisements.  In addition to having more than 90 campus locations in the United States and Canada, the school also offers a variety of online degree programs at the associate’s, bachelor’s, and master’s degree level.

If you are someone who works full time, you might be thinking about earning a college degree online to advance your career.  After all, quitting your job to attend college in person at a college or university is usually not an option for most working adults.  These days, earning a college degree online is a legitimate and respected way of completing your college degree.  And the overwhelming majority of colleges and universities in the nation now offer online degree programs.  If you have been thinking about earning your college degree online through DeVry University, you may have wondered whether the school is a good school.  To answer this question it’s necessary to take a look at the school’s history, it’s structure, and it’s accreditation.

A University With A Fairly Long History

DeVry University was originally founded in 1931 under the name “DeForest Training School” in Chicago, Illinois.  The school didn’t officially change its name to DeVry until 2002.  The school has expanded rapidly and now has more than 90 campuses in the United States and Canada with more than 80,000 total students.

A For-Profit University – But That’s Not Necessarily A Bad Thing

Most colleges and universities in the United States are structured as non-profit entities.  This means they do not exist to make money for a few owners at the top.  DeVry is different and operates as a for-profit entity.  As a “company” it is openly traded on the stock market under the stock symbol “DV.”  you may also be surprised to learn that DeVry owns several other schools.  It also owns the Keller Graduate School of Management, Ross University, Apollo College, Western Career College, Chamberlain College of Nursing, Becker Professional Review, and Advanced Academics, Inc.  To put DeVry’s status as a for-profit school into perspective, a few other for-profit schools you may be familiar with include The University of Phoenix, Kaplan University, and Strayer University.

Is DeVry University Accredited?  If So, Does It Have The Best Accreditation Available?

The gold standard of collegiate accreditation in the United States is known as “regional accreditation.”  This is because there isn’t one single accrediting agency that oversees this task.  Rather, the task of overseeing the many colleges and universities in the United States has been broken down into six different agencies that are each responsible for making sure the schools located in their regions meet minimum standards.  Such prominent schools as Duke, Stanford, and Notre Dame all hold regional accreditation.  DeVry University is also accredited by one of the regional accrediting agencies.  Keep in mind that you only have to be accredited by one of these agencies, not all six.  In terms of accreditation, DeVry University has got the right stuff.

What Is The General Consensus On DeVry University?

DeVry University is a legitimate institute of higher learning in the United States and is properly accredited.  You should be aware, however, that some employers do discriminate against degrees earned from for-profit universities.  The recent news of a woman who graduated from Kaplan University is a good example.  This lady spent nearly $30,000 to complete her bachelor’s degree from Kaplan and was subsequently told by her employer (the State of Ohio) that her degree would not be recognized.  Like Kaplan University, DeVry University is legitimate but there is a lot of discrimination against it.  And since there are now so many different state colleges and universities that offer online degree programs, you can easily earn your degree through one of these schools and avoid the discrimination.

  1. ha most of the state colloges have in the online curiculum most of the time classes you have to go to the campus for

  2. Is Devry a good school ? No! They seem to worry about your money rather than your education. I’ve been to this school, paid $40,000 along with $30,000 of government’s help. I attempted to major in game programming but the teachers were horrible and the classes they put together doesn’t make sense. The C++ programming teacher was ok, which it’s only the basic C++ programming, which it isn’t some impressive programming technique or codes or methods, just the very basic. Then when it reaches to the more advance stuff, the teachers don’t seem to be very knowledgeable in their field. My DirectX9 teacher told us to copy and paste the codes and see what it does. When I asked him some questions, he gave me a vague answer and he seems like he wanted to avoid me from asking him too much questions. And DirectX9 class is only one semester long, which is 4 months, and it doesn’t cover everything. When I asked the teacher if Directx9 lessons going to continue in the next semester, he said he doesn’t know. When I reached to the next semester, which I hoped there will be more DirectX9 lessons and hopefully the teacher wouldn’t be as horrible as my previous one, there aren’t any more DirectX9 to teach us. I was left with confused of how to program graphics. Devry also added Linux course, which was only a semester long, and only teach you the basic of the basic and that’s it. We don’t get to learn any more of it. What’s the point? The Linux teacher does the same thing as my DirectX9 teacher, which asked us to copy and paste the codes. I learned almost nothing from it. As far as the general education goes, the English courses are a joke. I don’t know how to get into details of it but I didn’t learn anything from it. My reading comprehension doesn’t improve, because there aren’t any many readings. My grammar doesn’t improve because the teachers don’t correct grammar. The topics they gave out…. very easy to write. There won’t be much critical thinking involve. Your brain will not gain knowledge from doing those English assignments and you will most likely learn nothing from it. As far as math, my physic teacher was horrible. He wrote a lot of symbols and signs but wouldn’t explain what teach symbol and sign means. I ended up confused and when I tried to ask questions, I don’t know where to begin. And he gave out inflated grades. I was suppose to get a D and he gave me a C. A sign of bad teacher. Some of the math classes are ok but still, I don’t get to understand exactly why the formula the way it is. I just memorize. From what I’ve been through, I think that they only know the basics and not very knowledgeable on the advance topics. C++ took 3 semesters, which is 12 months to teach. It was the basic and it seems to be that the teacher was teaching it to us very slowly. I only can say this through game and simulation major, I am not sure about other majors in Devry. If one major isn’t very well put together, then you should have some doubts about other majors in this school. And I found out that they love your money very much. They don’t want to mention about money before you come into the school. Afterward, then they will start charging you on a lot of things. My suggestion, don’t go to this school. Now I am at at community college and it’s 1000000000% better than Devry. The teachers are very knowledgeable at their field, even at the advance topics. I just finished taking calculus and I learned every detail of it. Unlike Devry, I always feel like there is something missing that get me confused. Again, staying away from this school is a better approach.

    • One more thing I forgot to mention, I left the school without a degree because I found out the school was very bad. I have no jobs because Devry didn’t teach me enough. I knew a couple people had the same result as me, which was in the same major as me. They gave out a high percentage of students who graduated from Devry have jobs. I am not sure if they are just making that number up….

      • I am currently attending DeVry. Could it be that, perhaps, you need to work on your study skills and work ethics. It is important to have informed professors. Howerver, the work you do and your understanding of the material is largely your responsibility. This is true for any college. That is why college is not high school. Everytime I have run into a problem I received help from somebody there. I obviously have decent english skills. I am getting straight A’s. Also, DeVry may be an online college, but they are taken more seriously then a community college. 🙂

    • I currently attend DeVry and they rock! I have also been to a traditionaly school Northern Michigan University and I learn the same in both. A professor is not a teacher…college is more about you learning on your own by reading, researching, and figuring it out. It is designed this way for a reason! When you are working are you going to run to your manager for every little thing and whine that you don’t understand this or that or are you going to use your personal reasoning skill, research the sistuation and mabey crack a book and learn something new on your own. I will tell you that you are going to figure things out for yourself, because if you whined to your manager about everything you couldn’t do you wouldn’t have a job very long! No professor teaches in the manner that you seem to need and you would be hard pressed to find that at any college to included Ivy league schools as well as state, and community colleges. Most professors hand you the book the reading assignmnets and you are on your own to figure out the rest. Your not in elementry school anymore! You shouldn’t need your hand held by the professor and if you don’t underrstand the work on your own DeVry offers free tutoring online and at campus. It sounds to me like you didn’t utilize your resources very well and even slacked in your work. DeVry is a great school as well as many other schools the problem lies within your not the school you attended. I think you would have struggled just as much in traditional school and would be bad mouthing that school instead! I have had a world of experience with 3 colleges and settled with Devry online as it moves with me instead of the two traditional schools that I went to before DeVry. I am telling you that it is you not the school!

      • DeVry is best suited for people who:

        Have MORE money, less time. (single parents, state schools overfilled etc)

        Have all-inclusive education benefits.

        Have already obtained most of the real-world SKILLS, but lack the degree/credential to get ahead, get a job, or be taken seriously in the workplace.

        Are visual/reading based learners and do NOT prefer lectures/learn by doing.

        Already have some Work Experience – that is at least somehow related to their field of study

        If all of these apply to you DeVry is GREAT – if most or all Don’t Apply to you then DeVry will be a disappointment and probably eat up a lot of your money for nothing.
        I am a current student, but will be leaving soon – for money reasons, but still think they are a good OPTION.
        In CA at the State Colleges – it is almost impossible to get the classes you need, when you need them.
        In CA there apparently is NO State school – with an AHIMA Accredited HIM Bachelor’s program -which is Obscene … So DeVry looks even better in that regard.

  3. Devry is a great University! I did my MBA there! it is regionally accredited and they have gained more accreditation recently as well.. professors are great and i learned a lot!
    Master’s Degrees do not require live lectures, it’s based of off discussions.. You get from it as much as you put into it…you can exchange information with people who have experience and be mentored by professors. If you do not understand something Devry professors provide their phone numbers and emails and you can call them anytime or use tools such as tutor source to help you understand.
    The books used at Devry are the same ones used in top universities. the professors are all Masters Degree holders from tier 1 universities, i see no reason why you can’t get quality education at Devry.

    • DeVry is very nice in fact I am on my last degree there. Since I have been studying at with this institution my pay has gone up tremendously. My degree has paid off without me even finishing yet, now if I could only control my spending from the raises oh well it will all work out. GOOD SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY!!!!!

  4. You get what you put in. A person should not soley rely on the school to achieve employment. I received my bachelors from Devry . I can honestly say my experience at Devry assisted me with my career as Sr Business Analyst