Is Ashwood University A Scam For Promoting Life Experience Degrees?

Are you thinking about earning a college degree online?  If so, you may have encountered an advertisement for Ashwood University at some point.  The “school” claims to offer online high school diplomas as well as college degrees in many areas of study from the associate’s degree level all the way through the doctorate.  These diplomas and degrees are supposedly awarded based on knowledge you acquired through “life experience.”  In other words, no further coursework is required.  Since it may seem a little too good to be true, you may have wondered whether there is an Ashwood University scam.  To answer this question it’s necessary to take a brief look at “life experience” degrees and Ashwood University itself.

Life Experience Degrees – Are They Legit?

The way the so called “life experience” degrees work is simple.  You submit a resume to the “school” and your credentials are “evaluated” for the college degree of your choice.  That is, after you pay a fee.  If your credentials meet the requirements, you are awarded the degree.

Sounds like a great deal, right?  What these schools never tell you is no one who pays the fee is ever denied a “degree.”  In fact, earning a college degree based on nothing but life experience is nothing but a scam that was designed to line the pockets of those who are perpetuating the fraud.  The “schools” that offer these “degrees” are not accredited or claim accreditation by a fake agency.  In short, there is no legitimate college or university that offers a “life experience” degree.  It’s a scam to take your money.

Ashwood University claims to offer “life experience” degrees.  The school has a decent but unremarkable looking website you can look over to find your degree program of choice.  The “school” charges $549 for a high school diploma, $925 for a bachelor’s degree, and $1,249 for a PhD.

Questionable Accreditation

Ashwood University claims to be accredited by two different organizations.  It claims accreditation from the Board of Online Universities Accreditation (BOUA) and World Online Education Accrediting Commission (WOEAC).  The problem with these two agencies is simple….they are fake.  They don’t really exist.

One thing about Ashwood University’s website that shouts out “scam” is the fact that it openly states you can “buy a degree” through them.  They don’t even try to hide it.  Most fake colleges and universities do try to make you think you’re getting a degree for your previous life experience.  Ashwood University is pretty open about the fact that it is selling a credential.

The final clue that Ashwood University might be a scam is where the diplomas are mailed from.  Those who have purchased a fake credential from the “school” have had their diplomas mailed from Pakistan.  Think about it….does Ashwood University sound like a legitimate Pakistani university or does it sound like it was made up to sound like a legitimate school to fool westerners?

Is Ashwood University And The Life Experience Degrees It Offers A Scam?

If you are interested in earning a legitimate online college degree, you should definitely take a pass on Ashwood University.  The “school” is not accredited by any recognized agency and seems to exist for one purpose….to sell fake credentials.  And since it is illegal to use a fake college degree in some states, trying to pass off an Ashwood University degree as legitimate could get you in a lot of trouble.  It’s not worth the risk.