Are Online Degrees Respected By Employers?

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Is AMU University An Accredited School?

What is it that makes a college or university legit?  Is it a sprawling campus?  An awesome library?  Or maybe it’s the presence of formidable sports teams… surely that counts, right?  That’s a question that many people often ask when considering one of the many new schools that only offer online degrees.  If there is […] Read more »

Are APU Nursing Degrees A Good Choice?

There’s no doubt about it… nursing is one of the most exciting and dynamic careers there is today.  And not only that but it’s nearly recession-proof.  Qualified nurses are in such demand that they have the option of quitting a job and being able to quickly find another job… even in a tough economy.  There […] Read more »

American Public University Reviews And What You Should Consider

These days there are many colleges and universities that offer online degrees.  This is a good thing since it dramatically increases access to higher education for many people who would otherwise be locked out of the traditional model.  For the most part these are people who have been out of school for a few years […] Read more »

Capella University Reviews – Let’s Take A Look At This School

Capella University was established in 1991 as the Graduate School of America by Dr. Harold Abel and Stephen Shank.  The pair believed that the traditional model of graduate education, especially the route to earning the doctorate, was something that favored the young and left older adults who wanted to earn such a degree completely out. […] Read more »

The Academy Of Art University Reviews – Is It A Good School?

Are you someone who is artistically inclined and would like to earn a degree in a particular art medium?  If so, you might have discovered the Academy of Art University during your search for the perfect school.  After all, the school offers online art degrees that can be completed from anywhere in the world without […] Read more »

Is There An Online LLM That Is ABA Accredited?

Are you someone who has earned a JD degree (Juris Doctorate) and would like to continue your education and earn the coveted LLM (Master of Laws) degree to further your education and so that your resume will always stand out from the others?  If so, you’re in luck.  You don’t have to quit your job […] Read more »

Is The George Washington University MBA Right For You?

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Is A Bethel University Online Degree In Your Future?

Bethel University was founded in 1842 and is currently located in McKenzie, Tennessee.  The school was originally known as Bethel Seminary to reflect its mission of training Presbyterian ministers.  In a short period of time the school’s mission had expanded enough to warrant a name change.  In 1850 the school changed its name to Bethel […] Read more »

Remington College Reviews – Is It A Non-Traditional School?

Remington College was established in 1985 as a non-profit entity.  The college is really a collection of 20 college campuses in various states around the nation, the oldest of which have histories that go all the way back to the 1940’s.  The school’s headquarters is located in Heathrow, Florida. Remington College offers diploma and degree […] Read more »