Are APU Online Degrees Respected?

Are you thinking about earning your college degree online instead of doing so in person at a college or university campus?  If so, you’re definitely not alone.  Each year many thousands of people decide to go back to school to earn the degree they didn’t complete in their youth or to earn a graduate degree so  they can change careers or earn a promotion in the career they are already in.  The main reason why these people decide to earn their degree online can be summed up in one word: convenience.  Let’s face it… for many working adults it’s simply not possible to put their entire lives on hold and return to school on a full-time basis.  This works fine for young people but not for those who have mortgages, families and other commitments.  Online learning gives people the option of earning their degrees without having to visit the campus for any reason.  Not only that but online students can work on their courses when they have free time and no longer have to worry about making it to class on time or time-wasting commutes.

If you are thinking about returning to school and earning either an undergraduate or graduate degree, one online school you might have encountered during your search for the perfect school is American Public University (APU).  Because the school is unfamiliar to most people, you probably wondered whether it’s legit.  Let’s take a look at the school’s history and accreditation to see how it stacks up.

American Public University Online

The American Public University was established in 1991 as an online-only institution of higher learning.  APU Online is a for-profit university, which means it was established to generate a profit for its owners and is structured very much like a business.  APU is owned by its parent company, American Public Education, Inc.

When APU was established another school, American Military University (AMU), was established at the same time.  AMU is also a for-profit university that is owned by the same parent company.  And like APU, AMU is also an online-only school.  Both APU and AMU both fall under what is known as the American Public University System (APUS).  The main difference in the two schools is the fact that AMU primarily offers degree programs that are suited for military or law enforcement personnel while APU offers more traditional degree programs.

APU Address

American Public University’s main offices are located in Charles Town, West Virginia at the following address:

111 W Congress St
Charles Town, West Virginia 25414
(304) 728-8737

American Public University School Code

The APU Federal School Code is:  03819300.

American Public University offers a wide variety of degree programs at both the undergraduate and graduate level.  Many online certificate programs are available as well.  Degree programs are available in such fields of study as Arts & Humanities, Business, Education, Public Safety & Health, Security & Global Studies, Management, and Science & Technology.

APU Accreditation

The one thing that makes a college or university legit is its accreditation.  It doesn’t even matter if the school has a campus or operates entirely online.  If it has the right kind of accreditation, it is legit and the degrees it confers can be used for employment purposes without any restrictions or problems.

In the United States, the highest form of accreditation a school can hold is known as “regional accreditation.”  American Public University holds this type of accreditation.  The school is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, one of the six regional accrediting agencies in the nation.  Because the APU accreditation is the best possible, you can use your APU degree for anything you can use a “traditional” degree for including gaining admission to graduate school.

APU Ranking

For the most part, for-profit colleges and universities are typically not included in the most popular collegiate rankings lists.  APU is no exception.  For the purposes of collegiate rankings, no APU ranking should be assumed or implied.

APU Admissions

The APU admissions is very straightforward.  Since APU is a for-profit university, the school essentially has a policy of “open admissions” to attract as many students as possible.  Being admitted into any of the school’s degree or certificate programs usually involves little more than submitting an application.  And there’s no application fee either.

What’s The Verdict?  Is American Public University A Good School?

APU is a legitimate institute of higher learning with the best form of accreditation a college or university in the United States can hold.  There are only two potential drawbacks to the school.  First, it is relatively unknown and unremarkable.  Second, it is not included in any of the lists of collegiate rankings.  Aside from these limitations an APU degree is perfectly fine and can definitely be used for employment purposes or to gain admission into graduate school.

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    • No it is not a mill, mill cant hold regional accreditation. It is a research school, and it sounds like from your name you could not hack it there.

    • I disagree. I just graduated from there with a BS in Information Technology. I just got accepted at Georgia Tech for a Masters in Computer Science.