Are APU Nursing Degrees A Good Choice?

There’s no doubt about it… nursing is one of the most exciting and dynamic careers there is today.  And not only that but it’s nearly recession-proof.  Qualified nurses are in such demand that they have the option of quitting a job and being able to quickly find another job… even in a tough economy.  There are also many different career paths nurses can take.  Nurses can work in the ER, ICU, deliver babies and work in many other exciting fields.  And nurses can continue their education to become nurse practitioners or nurse anesthetists and pull six figures.  How many careers can you think of that offer so many different options?

Most registered nurses enter the work force with an associate’s degree in nursing, which qualifies them to take the exam to be a registered nurse in most states.  However, those who want to advance their careers know they will need to continue their education and earn a bachelor’s degree in nursing at the least.  But how do you earn a BS in Nursing if you are in a position where you have to work full-time?  The answer is simple… you enroll in one of the many online RN to BSN nursing programs that are now available and work on your degree part-time.  One school you might have encountered in your search for the perfect school with an online RN to BSN program is American Public University.  And since this school is not well-known, you might have wondered if this school is a good option for you.  Let’s take a look.

American Public University System Reviews

American Public University (APU) is a relatively new school.  It was founded in 1991 but has grown rapidly.  The school now has a total student body of more than 80,000 and a staff of more than 1,000.  The school’s main offices are located in Charles Town, West Virginia.

All American Public University System Reviews should point out the fact that APU only offers online degrees.  That’s right… there is no campus where you can take classes in-person.  The school offers a very wide variety of degree programs that can be completed entirely online from the associate’s degree level all the way through the master’s degree level.  One of the university’s newest degree programs is an online RN to BSN degree program.

APU Nursing

The new APU nursing program is specifically for those who are already registered nurses.  It lets them complete the remaining courses they need to earn a BSN entirely online without having to visit a campus for any reason.  Such an arrangement makes earning part time nursing degrees very convenient.  The APU nursing program is relatively new.  In fact, it just started at the beginning 2011.  It’s definitely worth pointing out that American Public University holds regional accreditation, the best form of accreditation possible in the nation.  However, APU currently does not hold any type of specialized nursing accreditation.  For many employers and graduate schools though, this is not a problem.

The part time nursing degrees offered through APU should not be considered open enrollment.  There are certain prerequisites that must be fulfilled before you can be admitted into the program.  First, you must already be a registered nurse with an associate’s degree in nursing.  Second, your nursing license must not be restricted in any way.  And finally, you must submit proof that you are currently employed in some type of clinical nursing job.

If you are interested in enrolling in the school’s online nursing program, you’ll be glad to know that the admissions process is very simple and straightforward.  You simply submit an application with the $50 application fee.  You also have to complete an online orientation.  If you are accepted, an admissions representative will contact you with the good news.

The APU nursing program requires the completion of 122 total semester hours.  Of course, about half of these are waived based on the associate’s degree in nursing you’ve already completed.  And if you’re worrying about the cost of the program, there’s no need to worry at all.  APU is surprisingly affordable.  The school’s tuition is very much in-line with most state colleges and universities.  Undergraduate credits are only $250 each.

Is The APU Nursing Program Right For You?

Although the APU nursing program is still relatively new, it appears to be a solid program that has been well-designed.  APU itself has developed a strong reputation.  This means the degree you earn from the school will be respected and you should not face any problems using it for employment purposes or to gain admission into a nursing graduate degree program.