Is AMU University An Accredited School?

What is it that makes a college or university legit?  Is it a sprawling campus?  An awesome library?  Or maybe it’s the presence of formidable sports teams… surely that counts, right?  That’s a question that many people often ask when considering one of the many new schools that only offer online degrees.  If there is no “campus,” are the degrees awarded by these schools legit?  One of the more popular online-only schools that has seen rapid growth in recent years is American Military University (AMU).  And naturally, many people want to know if the degrees awarded by the school can be used for employment purposes or even to gain acceptance into a graduate program at a traditional school.  Let’s take a look and see.

AMU University

Compared to other schools, AMU is very new.  It has only been around since 1991 and was originally created to offer degree programs to members of the armed forces and law enforcement personnel.  Many of the school’s degree programs are very unique and are not commonly found at other universities.  A few examples of the degree programs AMU offers include Homeland Security, Intelligence Studies, Military Management, International Relations and many others.

AMU was established by a retired high-ranking USMC officer who recognized that there was a deficiency in traditional schools being able to meet the unique academic needs of military personnel.  AMU was established to fill this void.

Since all of AMU’s degree programs were originally created for military personnel, online delivery of the course content made the most sense.  This is due to the fact that most military personnel are stationed all around the world, making in-person classes difficult, if not impossible, to coordinate.

AMU has seen incredible growth since its founding.  The school now has well over 80,000 students and more than 1,000 staff.  A wide variety of degree programs are offered from the associate’s degree level all the way through the master’s degree level.

American Military University Address

Although AMU does not have a campus where students can take classes in-person, it does have a central office for its staff.  The school’s main offices are located at the following address:

111 West Congress Street
Charles Town, WV 25414
(877) 755-2787

American Military University Federal School Code

Each college and university in the United States has a school code assigned to it by the Federal Government for financial aid purposes.  The AMU school code is:  038193.

Is AMU Regionally Accredited?

The thing that makes a school in the United States legitimate is not its campus, library, sports teams, or any of those other things most people associate with higher education.  The only thing that really matters is its accreditation.  And in the United States the number one form of accreditation to hold is known as “regional accreditation.”

Is AMU regionally accredited?  The answer is…yes.  AMU is accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.  There are six regional accrediting agencies in the nation and this agency is one of them.  Since the school holds regional accreditation, AMU degrees can be used without any restriction for employment purposes or to gain admission into any graduate degree program.

What’s The Verdict?  Is AMU A Good School?

Don’t let the fact that AMU does not have a campus deter you from considering one of its degree programs.  The school does hold regional accreditation, which is commonly considered the highest form of accreditation a school in the nation can hold.  In addition, the tuition is reasonable and AMU graduates can use their degrees for any purpose graduates of traditional degree programs can.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking that AMU degrees are only for military personnel.  Yes, the school does offer many programs that are specifically targeted towards military jobs… but the school also offers many traditional degree programs as well.  You don’t have to be in the military to be admitted to an AMU degree program.

    • Yes they offer several.

      Business Administration
      Public Administration
      Public Health

      Criminal Justice
      Emergency and Disaster Management
      Homeland Security
      Intelligence Studies
      International Relations and Conflict Resolution
      Legal Studies
      Military History
      Military Studies
      National Security Studies
      Political Science
      Reverse Logistics Management
      Security Management
      Transportation and Logistics Management

      Administration and Supervision
      School Counseling
      Teaching – Concentration in Elementary Education
      Teaching – Concentration in Secondary Social Studies
      Master of Science
      Environmental Policy and Management
      Information Technology
      Space Studies
      Sports and Health Sciences
      Sports Management