American Public University Reviews And What You Should Consider

These days there are many colleges and universities that offer online degrees.  This is a good thing since it dramatically increases access to higher education for many people who would otherwise be locked out of the traditional model.  For the most part these are people who have been out of school for a few years and work full-time and now need to earn a degree for their career.  The traditional model of higher education has ignored these people for many years.  After all, once you are in a position where you have to work full-time, it’s not like you can just quit your job and return to college to study full-time.  Online learning has changed everything.  Now working adults can easily balance both work and homework at the same time.

If you are currently looking into your options for earning a degree online, you might have discovered a school known as the American Public University and wondered whether it’s a good school to earn your degree through.  Let’s take a look at the school’s history, accreditation and other attributes to see how it measures up.

American Public University Reviews

American Public University (APU) was established in 1991 and has its main offices in Charles Town, West Virginia and additional offices in Manassas, Virginia.  The school was created to increase access to higher education and to offer degree programs that traditional universities didn’t offer.

American Public University is structured as a for-profit university.  This means the school is structured a little differently from most colleges and universities in the nation which are typically non-profit entities.  For-profit schools, in contrast, generate revenue for their owners.  Who are the owners of APU?  As it turns out, the school has many owners since it’s a publicly traded company.  APU is owned by American Public Education, Inc. and is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol APEI.

Being structured as a for-profit school isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  As long as the school has proper accreditation, its degrees can be used for the same purposes that degrees from traditional schools can be used for.  APU degrees can be used for employment purposes or for admission to graduate degree programs at other schools.

American Public University Address

111 W Congress St
Charles Town, West Virginia 25414
(304) 728-8737

American Public University Federal School Code

The APU federal school code is:  03819300.

American Public University Online Degrees

APU has come a long way in a very short period of time.  Today the university offers many different degree programs from an assortment of associate’s degrees to many different master’s degree programs.  American Public University online degrees are offered in a format that’s known as “asynchronous.”  This simply means that you do not have to be at your computer at specific times to participate in class activities.  You can access your online classes during times that are convenient for you.

American Public University Tuition

The American Public University tuition is surprisingly affordable.  It is surprising because APU is a for-profit university and these schools typically have very high tuition.  It is also surprising because the APU tuition is lower than many online state colleges and universities that offer online degree programs.  APU currently charges $250 per credit hour for undergraduate studies and $325 per credit hour for graduate studies.

Is American Public University Accredited?

Is American Public University accredited?  The short answer is….yes, it is.  APU is accredited by one of the six regional accrediting agencies in the United States.  These regional accrediting agencies oversee all of the big-name schools in the nation, including the Ivy League schools.  A college or university only has to be accredited by one of the six agencies… not all six at once.  The APU accreditation definitely checks out.

Is APU Right For You?

American Public University is a great option for many people.  It is an ideal option for those who need a college degree to obtain a promotion at work or to change careers.  An APU degree is probably not going to be your best option, however, if you intend to break into academia as a college professor.  Colleges and universities usually hire their professors from traditional schools.

  1. As long as it is accredited then it sounds like a good choice. As you said this may not be suitable for making a career in academia but for getting a certification for job purposes

  2. Online learning has probably opened the door to lots of people who otherwise might not have been able to attend. Lots of good info in your article!

  3. Huh? What are you talking about? This post is very well written. I’ll never understand why people write such hateful things. Perhaps he has a competitive site?

  4. It’s nice to see more opportunities that allow people to learn in non-traditional settings. I personally think most degree programs are a much better deal for the schools than they are for the students.

  5. I don’t understand why broke people get into expensive schools and then complain they’re debt a few dozen thousand dollars

  6. Hey, my wife attended APU via online! She told me it was difficult since she prefers the standard classroom setting, but it is a great option for those who don’t have time to sit in a classroom at a specific time!

  7. You are right in all of your comments, except one. That is a lot of professors at APU earned their graduate degrees from APU. Certainly not all, but a few. Most are from some of the nations most prestigious schools. For the price per credit hour, you can’t beat it. One way that you know a school is accredited is the fact that federal aid is available, which at apu or amu, the pell grant and direct stafford loans are available to those who qualify.

  8. I a prospective student for political science and I am researching/considering this university,
    This is a great article and this Disqus forum. Thanks for sharing this review with the public. To add, I did find some complaints on the ripoff report website, but they are not too convincing either way. The BBB had some complaints that were resolved, but I am still leaning towards choosing this school to pursue my degree and goals.

    My conclusion so far:
    This university seems to be a legitimate entity to partner with in my pursuit to advance the world towards a greater future, although I do not understand how it can be publicly traded yet be interested in my future at the same time, it seems like a contradiction. Hopefully someone can clear up this confusion.

    Does anyone think there is a better option than this school for earning a degree by way of independent study?
    I am considering a career in international government, does anyone have any advice in achieving this end?

    Accreditation details:
    Here is the link and site clipping to the American public university accreditation information from the US Department of Education website:
    Also there is accreditation info from their site:

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